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What is it?

This site contains projects that inspire those who want to learn DevOps approaches and Platform Engineering practices. Use them for self-study and learn more advanced topics to gain expert, more in-depth skills.
Discover gaps in your current knowledge and create solutions that are closer to real-world use cases.

The projects you’ll find here focus on container, Kubernetes, Cloud and Cloud Native (CNCF) projects.

How to use it?

Each project depends on the previous one, so it is recommended to start with the first and then proceed to the next.
Some projects have different levels (e.g. 1, 2 or even 3) and steps are grouped according to their difficulty. You don’t have to do them all, but if you do, you’ll learn more!

Which tools to choose?

The instructions give you freedom of choice - choose the tools you are familiar with already, you have access to (e.g. cloud provider) or you want to learn first.

If you’re confused or overwhelmed, see the Tips section for each project (if available) to see tools recommendations and other suggestions that can help if you get stuck.

How can I improve it?

Use a link in the upper right corner () to propose changes via a Pull Request to the GitHub repository.